Support for your projects

The SADC is taking an active part in the Haut-Saint-François’s development; to achieve this goal, we support the region’s organizations and committees that are striving to improve the quality of life in the Haut-Saint-François.

Early on, the SADC got involved with youth by taking part in entrepreneurship outreach initiatives. For over a decade, we coordinated the youth entrepreneurship summer camps. The SADC is also active in offering training opportunities to business owners.

Here are a few local projects involving the SADC:

DGI and DARE the Haut

The Démarche globale intégrée (DGI) of the Haut-Saint-François, or comprehensive and integrated approach, is a concerted effort between different organizations operating in the region with a common goal to improve the population’s quality of life.

The DGI gave birth to DARE the Haut, a strategy aiming to reinforce the sense of belonging while attracting people and improving the quality of life in the Haut-Saint-François.


Formerly known as Coopérative jeunesse de service, the Coopérative d’initiation à l’entrepreneuriat collectif (or collective entrepreneurship learning coop) is an initiative led by the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi (CJE). The SADC is involved in this project as a member of the local committee. Through the CIEC, young people aged 12 to 17 years old can explore collective entrepreneurship by creating a coop for the summer season. Mentored by the CJE, youth learn about management with a board of directors, promoting and marketing their business, accounting and more.

The Cité-école’s Follow-up Committee

The Comité de suivi Cité-école supports the core mission of the Cité-école initiative by maintaining the Polyvalente Louis-Saint-Laurent’s relationship with the community. The follow-up committee occasionally organizes events held at the high school to raise teacher awareness about life in the Haut-Saint-François and reinforce the student’s sense of belonging.

Place aux jeunes (Make Way for YOUth)

The SADC has been a partner of Make Way for YOUth since its inception in the Haut-Saint-François. As a member of the local committee, the SADC collaborates in organizing exploratory weekends. A Happy Hour event themed on entrepreneurial pride is organized every year in collaboration with Make Way for YOUth. This event is an opportunity for exploratory weekend participants to meet with dynamic Haut-Saint-François business owners.

Services Continuum and Basic Landmarks (carnet de repères)

The SADC collaborates with the communication committee of the services continuum (Continuum de services du Haut-Saint-François). The continuum’s goal is to coach people on their journey towards integration. What makes the Haut-Saint-François’s approach distinctively different is the collaboration of stakeholders from all sectors combined.