La Patrie

Municipality of La Patrie
18, rue Chartier, La Patrie (Québec) J0B 1Y0
tel. : 819 560-8535 |


La Patrie Municipal Library
Raising awareness on the importance of reading and music for children and adults.
Jacqueline Charron
44, rue Garneau, La Patrie (Québec) J0B 1Y0
tel. : 819 560-8520

Community Centre
44, rue Garneau, La Patrie (Québec) J0B 1Y0
tel. : 819 888-2514

Knights of Columbus
A movement that brings together Catholic laypeople who want to get involved and help others. Their guiding principles are charity, unity, fraternity and cultural heritage.
Fernand Mailhot
tel. : 819-888-2894

La Patrie Lions’ Club
Creation and development of a spirit of understanding among peoples of the world, as well as a civic spirit and participation in the social and moral well-being of the community.
Michel Poirier
tel. : 819 888-2338

Recreation Committee of Saint-Pierre de La Patrie
The Recreation Committee of Saint-Pierre La Patrie creates, organizes and maintains recreational activities in the municipality.
Richard Blais
44, rue Garneau, C.P. 28, La Patrie (Québec) J0B 1Y0
tel. : 819 888-2450

Haut-Saint-François CSSS (La Patrie)
Health and social services institution that serves the population in the MRC and provides services through its two missions: a health and social services centre as well as a long-term care centre.
40, rue Dumoulin, C.P. 120, La Patrie (Québec) J0B 1Y0
tel. : 819 888-2811

FADOQ-Club de l’amitié
Organization offering entertainment and meetings for people ages 50 and up.
Gérald Lafontaine
tel. : 819 888-2701

Fripatrie Goodwill Store
Provides clothing to victims of house fires. Sells clothes at very low prices.
Nicole Dubreuil
44, rue Garneau, La Patrie (Québec) J0B 1Y0
tel. : 819-888-2348

Le Cœur à l’écoute
This group provides assistance to individuals who are caring for an elderly parent, relative or spouse with reduced mobility.
Yvonne Langlois
tel. : 819 888-1020

Le Réseau d’amis
This group of volunteers provides services to the elderly and/or people with reduced mobility, such as: friendly visits and phone calls, errands, mail pick-up, community meals, and many other personal services.
Yolande Poulin
tel. : 819 888-2536

St-Pierre Parish
Bringing together people of the Catholic faith.
Nicole Labrecque
tel. : 819 888-2231