Municipality of Bury
569, rue Main, Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0
tel. : 819 560-8414
information.bury@hsfqc.ca | www.municipalitedebury.qc.ca


Municipal Library
The municipal library loans out books, videos and periodicals. Computers with high-speed internet are also available. Children’s activities include story time and various exhibitions.
569, rue Main, Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0
tel. : 819 560-8416, ext 2820

Bury Sunrays
Provides services to the elderly and/or people with reduced mobility, such as: friendly visits and phone calls, errands, picking up mail, organizing community meals and many other services.
Florence Fréchette
tel. : 819 877-3223

Bury Women’s Institute
International movement working toward the well-being of the community through special activities and study bursaries.
Sandra Morrison
28, rue Hillbury, Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0
tel. : 819 872-3657

Canadian Legion Branch 48
Brings together veterans for social activities.
Richard Grey
563, rue Main, Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0
tel. : 819 889-1024

Brookbury Community Centre
Offers hall rentals for family reunions.
Brenda Bailey
571, Route 255, Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0
tel. : 819 884-5984
centrecommbrookbury@gmail.com | centrecommbrookbury.weebly.com

Uni Bury Cultural Centre
Hall rental and cultural and social activities program.
Margaret James
800, Route 255 Nord, Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0
tel. : 819 884-5563

Bury Recreation Centre
Activities offered on Saturdays for children ages 3 to 12 years old from the municipality.
Adrien Girard
529, rue Main, Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0
tel. : 819 872-3783

Eaton Valley Community Learning Center
Internet café, information sessions on health with video conferences, computer training and the book collection “Life Long Learning”.
Kim Fessenden
523, rue Stokes, Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0
tel. : 819 872-3771

Jolly Seniors
Entertainment for the elderly, organized tours, etc.
Beth Strapps
625, rue Main, Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0
tel. : 819 872-3318

Bury’s Image de Bury Community Newspaper
Keeps the population informed on various events being held in the region.
Susan Renaud
C.P. 325, Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0
tel. : 819 872-1116

Bury History and Heritage Society
Volunteers who work at preserving the buildings, landscape and oral traditions of Bury.
Rock Lapointe
tel. : 819 872-3490

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